Sunday, 6 December 2009

Just in time for Christmas!

A great way to help get the school built, is to honor someone this Christmas with a donation to The Apac School Project.

..And we happend to have made these beautiful certificates just for the occasion!

The above is a sample certificate and stretched out a bit. It says,

In honor of: ___________ 112.00 has been donated to The Apac School Project to purchase building tools to build the school. In recongnition and appreciation of this donation, your name will be added to the front entrace.

Where you purchase something off of the shopping list in full ( example $112.00 for building tools) not only will your honored one receive a certificate, their name will also be added to the school once it's built! Once that happens, they will receive an updated photo with the picture of their name, right there in the entrance of the school.

Here is the shopping list! Please note that $2 has been added to each of the origional prices to help cover the amount paypal takes from each donation. This way 100% of your donation goes to the building of the school.

50 kg of Nails: $22.00

Wood Preservation: $24.00

Labour:$ 29.00

Pian Hooks: $29.00


Purchase of land(share):$ 52.00

Transportation of materials: $57.00

Timbers: $69.00

Building tools: $ 113.00

Building Stones: $136.00




Iron sheets:$2,517. (Share available for $100.00)

How to get a certificate? You can either have it sent to you via e-mail to be printed, or I can send you a certificate which is printed on high quality laser paper. It will also come with a special little Ugandan suprise! If you are in the Canada/USA, the deadline to have mailed to you will be Saturday the 19th.

Happy Holidays!

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