Friday, 14 May 2010

We will be back!

The Apac School Project has been put on pause while we sort out registration details and complete some projects at CUS.

Please check back soon!

Monday, 4 January 2010

Poles: 6 more stars needed.

The wood preservation is completely funded, so we now will move onto the poles!

Item needed: Poles
Total Cost: $45

Stars needed: 6 stars at $5 each. ( $15 already raised.)

I would also like to mention how the fundraising thermometers will work. I realise that they are a great way for everyone one to keep track of donations, so we will keep 2 going at a time. One for the current need(i.e pian hooks) and one for the completed project(i.e wood preservation)

When you make a donation for a star, please include a note with the name you would like to appear on your star, picture of yourself(optional), your city or country, and the color you would like your star to be. Please give two color options incase your first color is not available. You can also make a star to honor someone, and be sure to include their information.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Be a star: Wood Preservation

Welcome to 2010 everyone! The biggest goal for this year is of course to build the school.

To kick things off, we have come up with a really fun fundraiser. We have been able to accomplish great things this year at the sister school, Christian Upliftment Primary School in Kampala. This includes building a washroom, purchasing land with plans of building an orphanage on it, and having many of our students sponsored! All of this was possible because of the generosity of all of you!

We want to bring the same hope to the children of Apac.

It's not about one person doing it all, it's about everyone coming together and doing what they can!

The Star Fundraiser

The children and community are patiently waiting and very excited to finally have a school to educate the children of Apac in their community.
Although you will be a superstar to the children and they would love to meet you, i'm sure it would be tough to get everyone to Apac! Instead, we will also be putting up decorative stars in honor of your donation! The stars will be handmade and each one around 7 inches, or larger ones for donations of an item in full. The star will include your name, and map of your country, as well as a photo of yourself if you would like to have one put one on your star. The stars will then be put up in the classrooms for the children to see how many people cared about them so much they wanted to be their star and bring them education!

This fundraiser will only work if everyone does what they can to help. Most stars will be $3-15 depending on the amount of people needed to purchase an item. Once we have the amount of stars needed to buy the item, I will put up the next amount of stars needed and what they are needed for. If we go beyond our goal on any day(i.e 6 stars needed and received donations for 8) the money will be put towards the next item.

So to start things off, we need four people(stars) to donate $6 for the wood preservation, which is $24.00!

To purchase a star, please make your donation of $6 on the right hand side of this blog. Send an e-mail to with the name you would like on the star, your country or city, and a photo(optional)! I will send you an image of your star before they are in Uganda, and when they make it there!

Sunday, 27 December 2009


I'm sorry this is coming later than planned but I was having troubles at my dad's with the video camera(because i'm a smart enough to forget the USB cord) but anyways instead of waiting any longer I went ahead and did the raffle and photographed it. Here are the photos of the winners!

The winner for the $150 Visa card is Maia!
The winner for the $50 Walmart card is Courtney!
The winner for the $25 Chapters gift card is Courtney!

The winner for the $10 Tim Hortons gift card is Nikki!
The winner of the 2nd $10 Tim Hortons gift card is Sherri!

Friday, 18 December 2009

Countdown: 8 days left

We still have 8 days until Christmas, which means another 8 days for you to buy a raffle ticket!

Raffle tickets are $2 per ticket and $5 for 3. The prizes are:

1st Prize... $150 Prepaid Visa Card
2nd Prize...$50 Walmart Gift Card
3rd Prize...$25 Chapters Gift Card
4th Prize...$10 Tim Horton Gift Card
5th Prize...$10 Tim Horton Gift Card

Not only do you have the chance to win great prizes, you are helping provide children with an education, which will allow them to have a brighter future. How amazing is that!?

We still have our gift certificates for sale. These would make great gifts as i'm sure no one on your list has had the honor of having their name in an African school before!

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Just in time for Christmas!

A great way to help get the school built, is to honor someone this Christmas with a donation to The Apac School Project.

..And we happend to have made these beautiful certificates just for the occasion!

The above is a sample certificate and stretched out a bit. It says,

In honor of: ___________ 112.00 has been donated to The Apac School Project to purchase building tools to build the school. In recongnition and appreciation of this donation, your name will be added to the front entrace.

Where you purchase something off of the shopping list in full ( example $112.00 for building tools) not only will your honored one receive a certificate, their name will also be added to the school once it's built! Once that happens, they will receive an updated photo with the picture of their name, right there in the entrance of the school.

Here is the shopping list! Please note that $2 has been added to each of the origional prices to help cover the amount paypal takes from each donation. This way 100% of your donation goes to the building of the school.

50 kg of Nails: $22.00

Wood Preservation: $24.00

Labour:$ 29.00

Pian Hooks: $29.00


Purchase of land(share):$ 52.00

Transportation of materials: $57.00

Timbers: $69.00

Building tools: $ 113.00

Building Stones: $136.00




Iron sheets:$2,517. (Share available for $100.00)

How to get a certificate? You can either have it sent to you via e-mail to be printed, or I can send you a certificate which is printed on high quality laser paper. It will also come with a special little Ugandan suprise! If you are in the Canada/USA, the deadline to have mailed to you will be Saturday the 19th.

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009


If you haven't already, I hope you will consider buying a raffle ticket to help get the school built!

We have two new prizes which have been added! They are two $10.oo Tim Hortons gift cards! I know you Canadians out there will put them to good use :)

So once again, here are the prizes!

1st Prize..$150 Visa Gift Card

2nd Prize..$50 Walmart Gift Card

3rd Prize..$25 Chapters Gift Card

4th Prize..$10 Tim Hortons Gift Card

5th Prize..$10 Tim Hortons Gift Card

I think the best prize of all will be getting the school built!